With FLAT FEE design you can take comfort in knowing that your project will never go over budget and there are no hidden or hourly costs. Whether you have $1000 or $10,000 to spend on the design elements in your room, the Designer will work exclusively within your budget. Any and all referred subcontractors will provide their own contracts and fee schedules for their individual services.

FLAT RATE DESIGN PACKAGE ($3500 per space)

This package focuses on designing an original space incorporating both new and existing furniture, accessories, light fixtures, paint, flooring etc. The client will determine the scope and budget that the Designer will use in selecting elements for the room.

This package includes a series of First Looks (no less than 2-3 unique design visions for each space), a final VDB or Virtual Design Board that demonstrates the client's selections, and a coordinating excel spreadsheet that defines each item (ie. furniture, artwork, accessory), where the item can be purchased and the cost. You will also receive a scaled floor plan showing you exactly where items should go in the room and a list of subcontractor referrals for any required painting, carpentry, electrical or plumbing work required in the design. The client will be responsible for ordering/procuring all elements of the design that need to be purchased online. The Designer will shop for or with the client, all of the elements of the design that need to be purchased locally. The client will provide shipping information and provide any delivery instructions and will receive an invoice from the designer with attached receipts that will include tax and shipping/handling, but never an upcharge. The service also includes the Designer's access to wholesale design centers, trade shows and exclusive home decor not available from local or online retailers. An installation day will be set when the Designer will hang art, style shelves, assemble and arrange furniture, etc. If a contractor or handyman is required on the day of installation, there will be a $100/hour charge on installation days, otherwise no additional fees will be assessed.


If a full classic design package is more than you need (for example, you just need help selecting a paint color, shopping for accessories or styling a few shelves), an hourly Designer rate of $125 is an option.

Simple.  Affordable.  Friendly.